Support for the Long Ride

No matter how long you have been in business, we all realize at one point or another that we can’t do it alone.


“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” – Jana Kingsford

I was able to witness one of the greatest things today.  While hand writing my blog on the front porch (Yes, that’s how I roll.) the young boy across the street was learning how to ride his bike.

The boy’s mom was holding onto the back seat, like all parents do when teaching their children to ride, while the boy tilted from side to side.  He was obviously going to topple over but he didn’t care.  He wanted to do it himself.

Sound like anyone you know?

No matter how long you have been in business, we all realize at one point or another that we can’t do it alone.

When you’re:

· Designing your website.
· Scheduling your social media.
· Creating social images.
· Handling customer inquiries.
· Responding to social media.
· Researching new clients.
· Connecting with new clients.
· Coordinating orders.
· Editing and making Revisions.
· Researching for product.
· Creating new product.

But wait!  How are you doing all of this the right way on your own.  Depending on your business, you will have even more on your daily to do list and the list said nothing about your personal life!  When does that happen?  So with each task pulling you off from side to side, you’re going to topple over.  You’re going to fall hard.  Even though it’s a learning moment, you might not be able to recover, physically with your business, or mentally as an entrepreneur.

Are you the same as my little neighbor pedaling unbalanced?  We all have that passion for freedom, that’s why we do what we do.  The thing is, when you take on too much, it sets everything off balance and you fall, hard.  There’s no shame in taking the support so you can go further, faster with your business.  Become an entrepreneur who goes further and visit here to see how we can support you with your growth.

Author: moniqueworotny

Monique is a motivated and creative Entrepreneur, Operations Manager and founder of Made in Monique. She supports Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs who are looking to give back to their community, or globally, while growing their business at the same time. This is accomplished with a personalized Passion to Project Strategy. To see if you qualify, visit

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